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Beyond the "Enlightenment Mentality": An Antropocosmic Perspective

Beyond the "Enlightenment Mentality": An Antropocosmic Perspective Enlightenment can be perceived as a cultural movement originated in the West since the 18th century, as an ideal for the human community yet to be fully realized, or as a mentality characteristic of the modernistic modus operandi throughout the world, especially in Cultural China. The focus of this essay is the Enlightenment mentality, arguably the most powerful ideology in world history. In a historical and comparative civilizational perspective, the surest and soundest way to accomplish going beyond the Enlightenment mentality is to tap all the spiritual resources available to the human community in order to formulate a humanistic vision which can transcend anthropocentrism, instrumental rationality, and aggressive individualism without losing sight of the liberating ideas and practices of the Enlightenment, as a movement, an ideal, and a mentality. In this respect the antropocosmic perspective offered by Confucian humanism is historically significant, for it addresses the ideal of universal ethic in the reality of cultural diversity. TU WEIMING
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