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A Surviving Example for the Legacy of Umayyad Court and Zuhri in the History of Tadwin: Nuskhatu Shuayb b. Abu Hamza

Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri’s crucial role in the collection process of hadiths (tadwin) during the first quarter of the first century after Hijra is undeniable. Having close ties with Umayyad rulers, he was the most important figure among many scholars employed by the Umayyad court to collect hadiths throughout the Islamic territory. Due to his efforts, many hadiths survived and found their way to the famous and canonical collections of the third century. With a crucial support from Umayyad rulers, Zuhri employed state scribes and used materials provided by the court to record hadiths. One of these scribes, Shuayb b. Abu Hamza, made a collection of his own out of hadiths that he had heard from Zuhri during tadwin. This personal collection eventually reached Ahmad b. Hanbal, al-Bukhari and their contemporaries in its original written form. Halit ÖZKAN
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