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The practice of usûl-i fiqh rules on the praying chapters of the books of Shâfiî echole: The commentaries of al-Minhâj

The usûl-i fiqh literature has two different writing methods in the first period as “the method of al-fuqah┠and “the method of al-mutakallimîn”. The method of al-fuqahâ is known with regard to al-Hanafîs and considered as giving a great place to the furû problems yet the method of al-mutakallimîn is known with regard of al-Shâfitis and considered as giving a very little place to the furû problems. It is necessary to obtain that this methods are effective or not samely on the literature of furû fiqh. In this article we tried to study how the usul rules are used in furû literature within the three famous commentaries of al-Nawawî’s al-Minhâc in the Shâfiî echole. Soner DUMAN
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