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Continuity and Change in the Turkish-Arab Relations After the Collapse of the Ottoman Administration and the Ideology of the Ottomanism

Historians almost totally neglect the ongoing impact of Ottomanism on Turkish-Arab relations after the defeat of the Ottoman state and its withdrawal from the last predominantly Arabic-speaking provinces of the empire in 1918. Academic studies that address Turkish-Arab studies consider Ottomanism as a spent and irrelevant force after 1918. The aim of this paper is to investigate the relations between Turkish and Arab elites following the collapse of the Ottoman rule in geographical Syria, Iraq and the Hejaz. Based on the treatises between the two sides, the joint projects put into practice, the attitudes of the leaders of the movements that resist European occupation on both sides of the armistice line, and a critical reading of the secondary literature, the article argues that Ottomanist ideology continued to bear an influence. It helped efforts at political organization and especially in conjunction with the notion of the Caliphate, which is another focus of the article. M. Talha ÇİÇEK
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