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From Faith to Practice: The Ilmihâl of Politics - Saîd ibn Ismâil Aksarayî and His Siyâsa al-Dunyâ wa al-Dîn

This study aims to present a manuscript work titled “Siyâsa al-Dunyâ wa al-Dîn” (The Politics of Religion and World) by Saîd ibn Ismâil Aksarayî, who was jurist of the Hanafî school. Partly an example of the Ahkâm al-Sultâniyya genre, this work is significant in terms of understanding the relationships between the fiqh and Islamic political thought. For it discusses three different topics, including faith, worship and government or state organization, together and within the same conceptual framework. The ultimate aim of the manuscript’s author is to write a guidebook for those who wish to govern Muslims to “put into practice.” Özgür KAVAK
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