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The Russian Revolution of 1905: A Reassessment

Even though it seems of secondary importance compared to the Revolution of 1917, the 1905 Revolution has a significant place in Russian history. To some scholars, it was a “rehearsal” for the 1917 Revolution; the first of a series of constitutional movements that inspired the 1906 Revolution in Iran and the 1908 Revolution in the Ottoman Empire. For some other scholars, on the other hand, it was a delayed “liberal-bourgeois” revolution that had many similarities with those in 1848; or it was a revolution influenced by the French Revolution of 1789. In fact, the 1905 Revolution was all of these; even more. This article aims to explain the reasons for the revolution and the government’s response to it and evaluate its consequences. While doing this, it also makes some comparisons between the 1905 Revolution and the 1906 Iranian and 1908 Ottoman Revolutions. Kezban ACAR
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