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An Unknown Text of Madrasa Reform: Vildan Faik Efendi’s Islah Risalesi

Since their establishment, madrasas functioned as institutions that educated the officers that the government needed in education, law and religious services. The emergence of some defects within the madrasa system and their perception as ineffective institutions vis-a-vis the maktabs, which were established under the influence of the modernization mo-vements, brought the issue of the madrasa reformation up to the agenda. Those who had a negative view of them, especially the madrasa professors and students, started putting forward recommendations for, and writing treatises about, the reformation of madrasas. One of those who dealt with the issue of reformation of madrasas was Vildan Faik Efendi, who was a significant scholar of his time. This article examines a text by Vildan Faik Efendi about madrasas reformation, which has not been found and discussed until now. After giving a brief biography of the author of treatise, the article discusses and evaluates the topics that were highlighted by the author in the reform treatise. In addition, it compa-res Vildan Faik Efendi’s treatise with the 1914 Regulations and Instructions of the Madra-sa Reform. Arzu GÜLDÖŞÜREN
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