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Sa‘daddin al-Taftazânî’s Tahzib al-Mantiq: Introduction, Critical Edition, Translation

Summaries of works have been significant in almost every discipline throughout the history of Islamic thought and education. Sa‘daddin al-Taftazânî’s work, titled Tahzib al-Mantiq wa al-kalâm, is a representative of this genre, and an important text on which many commentaries have been written -particularly on its section on Logic- throughout history. Written in 789 (H), the book’s section on Logic consists of an introduction, thirteen chapters, and a conclusion. The work’s general features are similar to those of the other brief works on Logic. The present artice aims to critically analyze and translate the Logic section of this work, and consists of two sections. The first section introduces the work’s Logic section and the commentaries on it. It also discusses its copies that are consulted in its analysis as well as the method and conceptual preferences applied in this analysis. The bulk of the study entails the analysis and translation of Tahzib al-Mantiq wa al-kalâm. Mehmet Zahit TİRYAKİ
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