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Different Approaches to Ijtihad and Taqlid in the Indian Sub-Continent in the Modernization Period: An Inquiry on the Case of Muhammad Iqbal’s Views

This article discusses the intellectual transformation of the Indian Sub-Continent after Shah Walî Allah of Delhi, focusing particularly on the views of Muhammad Iqbal, whose perspective on the ijtihâd radically differed from the classical view. It aims to show that some intellectuals from Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan to Muhammad Iqbal discussed ijtihad and taqlid outside the context of the Fiqh. Moreover, the paper discusses the reactions to this “different” ijtihad approach by some scholars known as the followers of Shah Walî Allah. The paper thus tries to demonstrate the transformation of certain concepts and categories of classical Islamic civilization in the modernization period in the case of the concepts of ijtihad and taqlid. Özgür KAVAK
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